CSI: Cat Stink Investigation

We had to put The Dude to sleep yesterday. After writing the post below four years ago, The Dude had come around. He stopped peeing everywhere, settled in and enjoyed a quiet simple life. He did not like to be picked up or cuddled but would approach for the occasional head pat. His being so inobtrusive made him the cat I disliked the least, even though his dandruff never improved. A couple of weeks ago, he essentially stopped eating. Two nights ago, he hopped up on the sofa beside me. He never did that. I gave him some good head pats. Don’t tell anyone.

Drinking Tips for Teens

This time, I have no one to blame but myself. I could blame the cat, I suppose, but there’s no point in blaming something that doesn’t understand remorse. Or how to use a litter box.

Deb’s the crazy cat lady, I’m not – not crazy and not a lady. At one point we had five cats but lost two in quick succession a year ago, possibly due to predators, possibly due to better offers. Down to three, I foolishly brought a fourth one home; a colleague had to leave the country in a hurry (work-related, not felonious) and didn’t feel his 10-year-old cat would survive the trauma of travel and quarantine.

“My wife would kill me if she found out you had to put him down and I knew about it” I said, “so if you don’t find anyone, we’ll take him.” I’m pretty sure this overture immediately ended my…

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16 Responses to CSI: Cat Stink Investigation

  1. Sorry to hear about The Dude. We have two older cats, also ostensibly disliked by the husband and prone to making me do a lot of clean up work (I was referring to the cats, but the husband is on the list as well). I have a love/hate relationship with our cats, but in the end, we’ll do our best to make their last years comfortable and feel sad when they are gone. But I will be happy to stop buying enzyme cleaners, rearranging our furniture, and putting our shoes up high. Glad you could give The Dude a good home.

  2. Sorry to hear about The Dude. We don’t have cats any more and our pooch passed away a year ago. All sadly missed.

  3. My condolences. But remember, somewhere, perhaps in some other dimension: The Dude abides.

  4. Fortunately, there’s a Charles Bukowski poem for every occasion.

    one for the old boy

    he was just a
    a dirty white
    with pale blue eyes

    I won’t bore you with his
    just to say
    he had much bad luck
    and was a good old
    and he died
    like people die
    like elephants die
    like rats die
    like flowers die
    like water evaporates and
    the wind stops blowing

    the lungs gave out
    last Monday.
    now he’s in the rose

    and I’ve heard a
    stirring march
    playing for him
    inside of me
    which I know
    not many
    but some of you
    would like to


  5. Sheila Moss says:

    You just reminded me that I caught a whiff of something in the back bedroom the other day. Time to tear the room apart and look for it. She never liked the litter box, but will normally use a training pad. I love her, but gosh darn it, I wish she would stop trying my patience with this creative bathroom behavior. Sorry about your loss. Somehow when you’ve put out so much extra effort to give a misbehaving pet a home, it makes it even harder when they go.

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