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City of Scars: Remembering Where We Were When La La Land Won/Lost

I remember thinking about my kids and what I was going to tell them in the morning. They’d been in bed for hours by then, like most people, and I thought, “Can’t they just go on sleeping? Do they have … Continue reading

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Awards aren’t important until you’re up for one

That’s not true. That’s a cynical thing to say. But getting recognized for your work is a delight, no question. “I do it for the art,” sure, but who doesn’t like being validated? Plus, I don’t even need to buy … Continue reading

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Not-So-Humblebrag, or The Prizes is Right

Someone complimented me the other day and it felt weird. It wasn’t the compliment so much, because I’m awesome, it was the fact that it was public and unexpected, plus the fact that I was singled out when other people … Continue reading

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Awards: nothing to sneeze at

Like seasonal allergies, blogging awards seem to peak and wane through the year, and we appear to be in a current high cycle. I can tell from my itchy, watery eyes. And so, it’s with humble gratitude and chronic sneezing … Continue reading

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Obligatory post-FP post, plus contest results

Hey there! Welcome! How’s your morning going so far? (Or how was your day, if you’re on the other side of the world, and why wouldn’t you be? Readers live all over. No need for me to be — what’s … Continue reading

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