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Incident Report: Flock 3482, Solstice, 0 A.D.

Location: Bethlehem sub-region 12A – field with tree by brook, the one with the half-ditch, not the full ditch Time: Upon the Midnight Weather: Clear Incident Summary: Shepherds report they passed a quiet evening of general abiding in the field … Continue reading

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Overly Complicated Secret Santa

Dear Work Family! The leadership team at Weltzderp Cankerman & Tinkletrain invites you to join in the Merriment of the Holiday Season by participating in our Secret Santa Gift Exchange! This is a fun activity for all, and we hope … Continue reading

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“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” annotated    

Have yourself a merry little Christmas Size of Christmas may vary depending on pre-established numbers in household bubble in addition to rationalizations undertaken to justify additional relatives invited for the holiday get-together, though “invited” is perhaps a misnomer, as they … Continue reading

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Yosemite Samta Addresses the Elves

Quit yer tool janglin’ and listen up, ya pointy-eared galoots. I knows for certain thars a lily-livered rabbit hidin’ among ya, or my name ain’t Yosemite Samta, the rootinest, red-suitinest toy-bearin’ hombre east, west and definitely north of the Pecos! … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Fred

There are those who say that Fred will appear if you look into a mirror and recite your credit card number three times. But then the mirror indicates you need those three security numbers too, so you have to start … Continue reading

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