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Satire is stranger than truth which is stranger than fiction which is bigger than a breadbox.

Gushing over local tap water

“Residents of Sherbrooke are drinking the best tap water in Quebec, according to a jury made up of water experts and a sommelier…. The winning choice was based on clarity, odour and taste, much like wine is judged.” – CBC … Continue reading

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I am running for town hall?

A number of people have asked me about a rumour going around that I plan to run for municipal council. If ever there was a time to address such a rumour – one day before the nomination deadline – this … Continue reading

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Literary giant

On the way back from Prince Edward Island this summer, we passed Shediac, NB, home of the world’s largest lobster. Children climb on it. Don’t worry, it’s made of concrete. Watching children climb on a real giant lobster, now for … Continue reading

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Flushing tips for guests

Dear guests, Welcome to our home and, more specifically, this little corner of personal hygiene privacy we like to call the guest bathroom. Please make yourself comfortable and avail yourself of whatever you need. We have provided a wide variety … Continue reading

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Fear and loathing in auto repair

Dear Mr. Murray, As requested, we have given your automobile a thorough inspection and are pleased to report to you our findings. In a nutshell – or as we mechanics like to say, “in a DIN 6923 swivel flange nut” … Continue reading

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The press conference about the press conference

Good morning, everyone. I think we can get started. First of all, thank you all for coming out to today’s press conference announcing today’s press conference. First, a little background about the press conference. As you know, the press conference … Continue reading

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New Pot for Old Farts: A Guide

So, you’ve decided you’re going to start smoking pot again. Congratulations! First, though, stop calling it “pot.” These days, the cool kids call it “weed,” and that’s 30 percent the point of this entire exercise, right? To be cool again, … Continue reading

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