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Satire is stranger than truth which is stranger than fiction which is bigger than a breadbox.

Absolute Worst Christmas Tea & Bazaar

Come one, come all, come those paying in hoarded pennies to the Annual Christmas Tea & Bazaar this Saturday at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Ennui. We’ve recently lowered the ceiling of our fluorescent-lit basement hall to allow … Continue reading

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Funeral for a friend (me)

Last week was a week of funerals – celebrity, political and personal. On Saturday, we attended the burial of a close friend of my wife’s family, gathering at the Reedsville Cemetery surrounded by the lush green hills of Hatley Township, … Continue reading

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In which I am institutionalized

When I was a rebellious young man growing up in Antigonish, NS, some construction took place on the grounds of the local university. And surrounding this construction at StFX was some hoarding, high plywood walls painted a pristine white. My … Continue reading

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Hell is sober people

Having consumed my entire life’s quota of alcohol during the first half of my adult life, I no longer drink at all. Recently, though, I had to attend a work-related reception and dinner in Montreal, and though I did not … Continue reading

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Everything you need to know before watching Avengers: Infinity Loop

After 27 years and 103 films, the Marvel cinematic universe will come to a climactic climax next month with the much-anticipated release of Avengers: Infinity Loop. For those who have not fully immersed themselves in the intertwining storylines of this … Continue reading

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Scenarios in which I, Ross Murray, might conceivably need a gun

1. I’m a cop. 2. I’m a member of the armed forces. 3. I’m a member of the forces that aren’t necessarily armed but like to be armed in order to feel better about themselves. 4. I’m Liam Neeson. 5. … Continue reading

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50 alternative celebrations for Canadian Olympic medalists

Raise a fist in the air. Raise both fists in the air. Raise one fist in the air and with the other fist pretend to write your signature on a lucrative sponsorship deal for Bart’s Anti-Chafing Sauce. Keep your arms … Continue reading

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