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The crumbs and animal hair of real life.

Cat Splat Fever

When you own multiple cats, even when you are down one cat as we’ve become, it is virtually impossible to determine which one is doing what in the litter box. Short of surveilling the cats’ (shall we say) movements, it’s … Continue reading

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Skiing, definitely. Trespassing, probably.

I missed a full season of cross-country skiing last year. I’m not an every-weekend skier, but Deb and I like to head into the woods when we can. Last winter, though, my innards and lowereds were still settling into place … Continue reading

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Down one cat

This is a sad cat story, I’m afraid. Attentive readers will remember Nellie, one of our five cats, and one on the larger side, so large that she had difficulty cleaning her deepest, darkest regions. First thing every morning, she … Continue reading

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Permission to have the blues

I’m not going to lie, it’s been a rough week, for a number of reasons, not least being that I’m coming up to one year since my surgery for prostate cancer. Right now I’m in the clear, but you’re never … Continue reading

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McSweeney’s little and big

Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of and sometime contributor to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. This week, I have a piece running to mark Kurt Vonnegut’s birthday, entitled “Your Services As Guidance Counselor Are No Longer Required, Mr. Vonnegut.” … Continue reading

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Caucus? Barely open to us

A Stanstead, Quebec, town councillor is proposing a new municipal tax on babies’ eyeballs. Each new baby born in the Town of Stanstead will be charged $6 for one eyeball, a bargain $10 for two eyeballs. If you’re a baby born … Continue reading

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Beyond the bedroom door

Even if we were the type who frequently had people over, which we aren’t, not many of those people would make it up to our bedroom. As a society, we tend to stop using the phrase “Want to see my … Continue reading

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