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The Freeloadin’ Bob Dylan

I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Need a lift Missed my shift Real quick doze In my clothes Wake me up around suppertime I ain’t goin’ nowhere Whoo-ee! Spot me five Tomorrow’s the day My check’s gonna come Oh-oh, how I will … Continue reading

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Why Don’t We Review It in the Road?

“[The Beatles’ White Album] might be called the greatest record ever made […] a top-to-bottom reinvention of the band as pure abstraction, the two discs, like stone tablets, delivering a new order.” –  “The Accidental Perfection of the Beatles’ White … Continue reading

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Hello, Drake? It’s Adele.

“You used to call me on my cel-l-l-l pho-o-o-ne…” My daughter Abby looked up at me, puzzled, appalled. “How do you know that song?” she asked, which, now that I think about it, might have been code for, “Please stop … Continue reading

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No Green Day! and other year-end music suggestions

At the school where I work, I’m responsible for putting together the year-end slide show, usually a PowerPoint of photos and music. Ours is shown on the final night of the school year. If people cry, I’ve done my job. … Continue reading

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Don’t Play That Song (You Lied): Contest Winner!

Hello, my little love bugs. Why “love bugs,” do you suppose, and not “love insects”? I even think “love spiders” sounds positively fetching, although it’s only a short leap from “love spiders” to “love crabs,” and I think we need … Continue reading

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