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If brain begins leaking, apply pressure

It’s Not Over Until I Say It’s Not Over

I won that game of Monopoly on Boxing Day. I won. It’s as clear as anything I won. I had Park Place, I had Boardwalk, I had so many railroads you wouldn’t believe. I had many, many other very successful … Continue reading

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Worst of the Best of 2020 Lists

Best Albums 2020 End-of-year music lists are certainly common enough, but it’s hard to fathom what provoked the inclusion of such a list in Guns and Eggroll magazine. Moreover, the list is clearly tailored to enthusiasts of both military-grade assault … Continue reading

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Margaret Freaking Atwood Is Stopping By My House!

Holy crap! Margaret Atwood just called to ask if she could stop by. She heard about our Halloween pumpkin that looks like author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and she hoped she could see it. What could I do? I said yes, … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Fred

There are those who say that Fred will appear if you look into a mirror and recite your credit card number three times. But then the mirror indicates you need those three security numbers too, so you have to start … Continue reading

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Your Second Wave Fashion and Survival Guide

Hot, hot, hot! That’s what a stove is when you leave the burners on “max,” and that’s how designers in New York, Paris, Milan and Edmonton are describing trends for the fall fashion season as the second wave goes new … Continue reading

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