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Are you serious? Real thoughts on life, literature, art? What about dancing girls? I was promised dancing girls!

“Like That!” Very Good Entertainment Show in Dernovkia!

[Theme Song: Accordions, bouzouki and synthesized drums play an upbeat song. Title flashes on the screen in white block letters: “LIKE THAT!”] VLAD: Hello, people! BIANCA:  Everyone, hello! VLAD: Bianca-a-a? BIANCA: Vla-a-a-a-d? TOGETHER: HELLO! VLAD: Ha-ha-ha! We are good greeters. … Continue reading

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Over-achieving, under-prepared and loving it

Friday evening, Deb and I had settled around our campfire, which had generated a lot of smoke but been stubborn to start (coincidentally, how I’d also describe our early dating days). We had set up our old tent, which was … Continue reading

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Yakety Yak (Buy a Kayak)

All we wanted, my wife and I, was to while away some summer afternoons on a lake or a river, paddling along, far from our worldly cares and COVID and cats. We just wanted a couple of kayaks. Who knew … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Man with a Hose

My general attitude towards lawn care is that I have a lawn and I don’t care. If ever we were to succumb to those phone pitches offering to gas and purge the weeds out of our lawn, the truck would … Continue reading

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My Totally 80s Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, we watched all eight Harry Potter films over consecutive nights. The pandemic, unfortunately, outlasted the marathon. What next? When Deb and the children moved on to “Game of Thrones,” I watched a single episode … Continue reading

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