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Do you hear what I hear?

In 2016, I ended my 8-year run of contributing to CBC Radio’s regional network here in Quebec. It was a blast while it lasted. Among my favourite audio excursions were those in which I created short sketches. Here are two … Continue reading

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Empathy for the devil

After last week’s post about my grumpy puss appearing as some (presumably) dude’s dating profile, I did finally hear back from the woman who alerted me to the fact. She had read the piece and, well, she wasn’t angry, just … Continue reading

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The Price of Privacy: Buy Two Privacies, Get One Free!

We talk a lot about Internet privacy and all the personal data that’s floating around out there. It seems these days that, like happiness, privacy is something money can’t by. But what if it could? This piece originally aired on … Continue reading

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Steal this nap

What happened to naps? One minute you’re snoozing at daycare, and the next they’re pumping you full of coffee in grade school. Or least that’s how things worked where I went, at Sacred Palpitating Heart Elementary. Science has demonstrated that … Continue reading

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The return of Garland Faunt-Lubberly

Our (my) favourite gardening/drinking expert answers your pre-spring questions. David from Quebec City writes: “Last year, I had Gene Hackman in my flowerbeds. What can I do to prevent that this year?” Click below for the audio answer and other … Continue reading

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