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My 90s Nostalgia Movie

“[Captain Marvel] spends much of the movie wearing a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt as she navigates computer cafes and CD-ROMs. The soundtrack digs about as deep as a ’90s-themed party playlist, with requisite musical cues from R.E.M., TLC, Nirvana, and … Continue reading

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If my nose is running, my thoughts are leaking

Those scientists, always doing studies. It’s as if they have nothing better to do. Instead of “studying” things, why aren’t they working on those jet cars we were promised? Where’s my pill in a meal? And the current lack of … Continue reading

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The future lies in the dumpsters

Yeah, I was an activist back in the day. Marched in the 1990 Earth Day Parade. That’s right, 1990, the big one. There was a TV special and everything. With Bette Midler! We put our kids in cloth diapers. We … Continue reading

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