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Your possible Oscars hosts

With the Oscars just two months away and awards season already feeling like it’s gone on too long, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science still hasn’t come up with anyone to host Hollywood’s Greatest Night. Would-be host Kevin … Continue reading

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City of Scars: Remembering Where We Were When La La Land Won/Lost

I remember thinking about my kids and what I was going to tell them in the morning. They’d been in bed for hours by then, like most people, and I thought, “Can’t they just go on sleeping? Do they have … Continue reading

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For your consideration: The 9th and 10th Oscar-nominated films

The Blindest Spot A story of triumph over adversity, dreams over tragedy and eggs over easy. Set in a futuristic Brooklin after the letter Y has been outlawed, the film tells the story of Branflake Dodson (Anson “Potsie” Williams in … Continue reading

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All-purpose awards-season acceptance speech

  Thank you, thank you so much. Oh my… I need to catch my breath. Let me… let me… let me just slip this oxygen mask on for a second and… ooo, goodness!… And maybe a quick vitamin B12 injection … Continue reading

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The Oscar Pick: Based on a True Ignorance

In which, not in an especially timely manner, I pick the Oscar for Best Picture based entirely on passing knowledge gleaned from a few end-of-year best-of lists, newspaper and television advertisements and things I might have picked up on the … Continue reading

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