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Reply-all escalation

From: david.jones@bci.com| To: reg.carl@bci.com; staff@bci.com Subject: Re: News from Peggy Thanks for the update, Reg. Also, don’t forget to send me that link for the beard balm. ­—- Hi, everybody. Sorry for the reply-all. LOL. —- Hi again. Yes, I … Continue reading

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How The Last Jedi made me a little less stupid

I got stupider in 2017. My stupidity manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes it’s difficulty in processing instructions. Sometimes it’s mangling words. Sometimes it’s this blog. (See “My Therapy Toaster,” September 21.) For a while, I attributed my new stupidity … Continue reading

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The Real Fate of the Furious

Short-term spike in blood pressure Tell-tale spittle droplets on conference room table Uncomfortable silence from co-workers Promise from supervisor in soothing voice to resolve problem Feelings of satisfaction that situation will be remedied thanks to forceful rhetoric Feelings of guilt … Continue reading

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Pump rage

My general state of being whenever I wait for a gas pump to free up can best be described as “seething.” I’m not great with waiting, even in a car surrounded by the endless possibilities of radio entertainment because, as … Continue reading

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Simply all the outrage

These things I know are true: you cannot convince someone who doesn’t like Steely Dan to like Steely Dan; there’s no point in buying expensive coffee beans if you have a crappy coffee maker; and motion-sensor faucets should be vandalized … Continue reading

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