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Do you hear what I hear?

In 2016, I ended my 8-year run of contributing to CBC Radio’s regional network here in Quebec. It was a blast while it lasted. Among my favourite audio excursions were those in which I created short sketches. Here are two … Continue reading

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Who is Garland Faunt-Lubberly?

Why is he British but living in Quebec? What’s gardening got to do with drinking? Is this for real? And where on earth is St-Alphonse-de-Couchetard?

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Let a smile be your medicated umbrella

  Garage Band is to music what Photoshop is to photography, namely a lot of people have it but few know how to really use it. I can think of a few other things we don’t use to their full … Continue reading

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On interviews and intolerant views

We can learn a few things from watching this video shot at my book launch at the Haskell Free Library two weekends back. 1) If you’re the host/presenter/potential subject of an ambush interview at a public event, make sure all … Continue reading

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