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Relatively viral

This is the part where I explain how my last post, “What to do in the event you wake up Tuesday and Stephen Harper is still Prime Minister,” went viral. Clearly, having a short title is not crucial to viralocity. … Continue reading

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I don’t even know these people

          I can tell you the exact day and pretty close to the hour when I first read Nick Hornby. I was attending the annual English community celebration here in these parts of Quebec, something called … Continue reading

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Tour this: #mywritingprocess

What do writers like even better than writing? Pretty much anything, when it comes right down to the actual writing. It’s like my youngest daughter: she likes the idea of books more than actually reading books. If we’re perfectly honest … Continue reading

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Wondering where the lions are for sale

Prince once sang, “Maybe you’re just like my mother/she’s never satisfied.” Well, Prince is a jerk, bringing his mother into it like that. Shame on you, Prince! After all the years she spent changing your purple diapers and telling you … Continue reading

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In the sky! It’s the blog signal!

A month from now, I’ll be the guest speaker at the annual dinner of retired Sherbrooke Hospital nurses. I’m not bragging but around here, that makes me kind of a rock star. I never know what to talk about at … Continue reading

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