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My appropriation apology

In 2016, I published a novel entitled A Hole in the Ground. In this novel, I referred to a First Nations people, the Muskawatipaq, as well as their ancestral territory, Petawodimocto. These references were entirely fictional, created for the purposes … Continue reading

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Fave books of 2016

Most of the books I read this year weren’t from this year. Here, though, are four novels published in 2016 that I quite enjoyed. Nutshell by Ian McEwan Could McEwan possibly have had more fun? I doubt it. It’s as though … Continue reading

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Why book lovers are the best

For the last several months I’ve been enjoying house concerts in Stanstead. I get to go into someone’s living room and listen to performers as they stand in front of me playing intricate arrangements on instruments that I could never … Continue reading

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The books in review 2015

Let Me Be Frank With You – Richard Ford Not much happens in Ford’s Frank Bascombe books, and this, the fourth, has the least going on of the lot, mostly encounters with acquaintances and loved ones in four separate stories. … Continue reading

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Your summer reading Guido

The Collapsible Marriage By Gwen Gladenia In her sequel to her bestselling The Disposable Date and The Travel-Size Engagement, Gladenia asks the hard questions about wedded life: is love forever; is mustard a vegetable; is Wednesday garbage day? Through the … Continue reading

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The strangest thing happened to me the other day. Well, maybe not the strangest thing. The strangest thing would be if a pie plate floated into the room and started singing show tunes in the voice of Abe Lincoln. A … Continue reading

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The query

My novel has been rejected again by yet another publisher. Maybe it’s my query letter…   Dear publisher: Please find enclosed the manuscript for my debut novel of fiction, entitled The Scrubbing!!! As you can see, there are three exclamation … Continue reading

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