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It’s the Mostice we can ask for

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s summer solstice — the longest day of the year — and all the pagan rituals that came with it. But as you rinse off the goat hair and patchouli oil, remember that it’s not entirely … Continue reading

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The e-thrill is gone

If you’re my age, first of all I’m sorry. Secondly, you probably remember how excited we all got when faxes first came out. Imagine: you could send letters… over the phone! It was as though technology, in some kind of … Continue reading

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Feeling hot, hot, hot…

What if you woke up one morning and you were a hottie? It happened to me, I swear! (On radio, no one can hear you lie.) My latest CBC “Breakaway” piece is definitely only skin deep.

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Get spring

This 3.5-minute audio piece was created for CBC “Breakaway” and “All In A Weekend,”and is about as high-production as I can get using Audacity software and royalty-free sound. Ross Murray’s pitch for spring

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