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The Year of the Cat: Third Quarter Summary

Overview The Household continues to evolve strategic applications vis-à-vis cats, cat-sourcing portfolios and cats as innovative lifestyle narrative. While 2020 has failed to make up for losses suffered in the fourth quarter of 2019 (RIP Nellie), cats have remained stable … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going to Cat Man June

Monday morning, a most wonderful gift was bestowed upon the good people of Stanstead, and even some of the bad people. As they rose from their slumber and turned the page of their municipal-issued calendar to the new month of … Continue reading

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Checking in on Covid Cats

As everyone knows, this is the Year of the Cat at Drinking Tips for Teens, and, trust me, the cats are not the least bit pleased about having the spotlight taken away from them by this Covarona nonsense. Do you … Continue reading

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Cat Splat Fever

When you own multiple cats, even when you are down one cat as we’ve become, it is virtually impossible to determine which one is doing what in the litter box. Short of surveilling the cats’ (shall we say) movements, it’s … Continue reading

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Down one cat

This is a sad cat story, I’m afraid. Attentive readers will remember Nellie, one of our five cats, and one on the larger side, so large that she had difficulty cleaning her deepest, darkest regions. First thing every morning, she … Continue reading

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