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The Polar Vortex, and other reasons to blame Canada

With this winter showing no inclinations of ending anytime soon, I think we can add “polar vortex” to the category of “Phrases We Could Have Lived Without.” Before meteorologists sprang “polar vortex” on us, winters were simply “cold” or “[expletive] … Continue reading

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Real campers eat pathogens for breakfast

The reason we go camping in the 21st century is to remind ourselves how our pioneer ancestors lived, which is to say: not very well at all. Deprivation is the key to any successful camping weekend, a cheap and mostly … Continue reading

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By the splitting of my thumb, something wintery this way comes

Every fall, I can predict when winter is nigh because my thumb splits. I know what you’re thinking: “Nigh? Who says ‘nigh’?” You’re also probably thinking,  “Gross…” but also, “How can a split thumb predict the onset of winter?” It’s … Continue reading

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On this cold day, God bless you, Mr. Stanfield

Canada has surprisingly few official “things.” It has an official motto, “From Sea to Sea,” and that may be the only official “whatever” that Canadians willingly embrace, except perhaps people in Saskatchewan who’ve never seen a sea. But you know … Continue reading

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It’s getting cold in here, so put on all your clothes

We turned on the furnace last week and it wasn’t even October. I texted this event to our daughter Emily, who is currently in Malaysia sitting in a puddle of sweat (not her own). “WOAH!” she replied. “I know,” I … Continue reading

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