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World Funny Shortage Getting Serious

Comedy writer Axel Loffmann thought it was just him. Maybe he was going through a dry period. But when Loffmann asked around the comedy community (Schenectady), he started hearing the same thing over and over: they were all out of … Continue reading

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How to write a humour column

People sometimes come up to me and ask, “Excuse me, what’s the price of this cabbage?” to which I reply, “Sorry, I don’t work in the Produce Department; I simply enjoy the refreshing mist when they water the lettuce.” But … Continue reading

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It ain’t $*@!!&! me, babe

I don’t recall ever swearing loudly at a large group of people. I’ve sworn loudly around a large group of people, usually in traffic, but never when they can actually hear me. I’m not the type of person who can … Continue reading

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Comedy for cowards

Humour is a persona. No surprise there. Modern times are full of comics who were miserable people, to the point of killing themselves. Humour becomes an outlet for these sad, sometimes socially awkward people to express themselves, in often painfully … Continue reading

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3 More Minutes of Gardening and 30 Seconds of Heavy Drinking

Make Mine Mulch!

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