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New law restricts a woman’s right to shoes

Fresh off the most hardline abortion legislation in generations, several US states are now planning to regulate not just what women can do with their bodies but what they can wear on them. Specifically, their feet. Alabama is the first … Continue reading

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Disaster scenarios ranked by my chances of survival

Zombie Apocalypse When the flesh-eating hoard inevitably swarms my home (hopefully, at first, making quick work of the neighbours who are always outside yelling and drinking and therefore easy prey), I stash myself in a virtually unfindable location, my small … Continue reading

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The War on Christmas is no fair fight

Conservatives like to convince the easily convinced that there’s a war on Christmas, as if Christmas were some kind of quaint old-fashioned notion under threat of extinction, like quilting or personal privacy. But Christmas is huge. Christmas is the global … Continue reading

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The following tale is not for those weak of heart or strong of odour. Do not read if you are easily frightened by not very good prose that is in its phrasing awkward mostly. If nausea persists for more than … Continue reading

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Canada, we need to talk

Dear Canada, How long have we been together? Forty-six years? Granted, for the first five or so, I didn’t really know you existed, and it was several years still before I learned of Toronto, though even then it was hard … Continue reading

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