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Don’t Play That Song (You Lied): Contest Winner!

Hello, my little love bugs. Why “love bugs,” do you suppose, and not “love insects”? I even think “love spiders” sounds positively fetching, although it’s only a short leap from “love spiders” to “love crabs,” and I think we need … Continue reading

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This contest’s not so stupid after all

February is the worst month. Let’s just all agree on that. And don’t give me any of your “Valentine’s Day” claptrap, although I will grant you that February is a good month to practice your old-man words like “claptrap” and … Continue reading

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Obligatory post-FP post, plus contest results

Hey there! Welcome! How’s your morning going so far? (Or how was your day, if you’re on the other side of the world, and why wouldn’t you be? Readers live all over. No need for me to be — what’s … Continue reading

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“Ross’s Wonky Drawer of Stuff” Contest Extrava-give-nza!!

Because of the love, that’s why. Because of the love and the books that I need to clear out of my Wonky Drawer of Stuff™ but mostly because of the love I have for you — yes YOU, dear readers … Continue reading

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