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Finding some direction

My high school piano teacher would often become exasperated with me, and not just for the usual reasons that go along with being an exasperating teenage smart ass (me, not my piano teacher). She would become exasperated when I couldn’t … Continue reading

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How The Last Jedi made me a little less stupid

I got stupider in 2017. My stupidity manifests itself in different ways. Sometimes it’s difficulty in processing instructions. Sometimes it’s mangling words. Sometimes it’s this blog. (See “My Therapy Toaster,” September 21.) For a while, I attributed my new stupidity … Continue reading

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So I wrote a book…

Regular visitors will appreciate how much I hate to talk about myself (“HaHAHA! Good one, Murray! Such a cut-up!”), but I feel compelled to mention that I’ve written a novel. Statistically, this is no big deal. If you’re sitting in … Continue reading

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Creativi-Tips are like Q-Tips for your brain!

Creativity is not a tap you turn on and off. Creativity is not something that takes four to six weeks for delivery. Creativity is not a sack filled with live eels that someone dropped on your doorstep knowing full well … Continue reading

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The heartbreak of creativity: a public service announcement

A version of this piece originally aired on CBC Radio’s “Breakaway.” You can hear the original audio version here. Hello, I’m Ross Murray, beloved columnist, salad dressing connoisseur and author of the best-selling self-help book Don’t Kid Yourself, Mister. Today, … Continue reading

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There’s a magic garden in my head. Something is growing. Worlds are being created. Lives. Turns of events. It’s amazing and astounding, real magic, not like a lady being sawed in half but something appearing, out of thin air! For … Continue reading

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