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Reply-all escalation

From: david.jones@bci.com| To: reg.carl@bci.com; staff@bci.com Subject: Re: News from Peggy Thanks for the update, Reg. Also, don’t forget to send me that link for the beard balm. ­—- Hi, everybody. Sorry for the reply-all. LOL. —- Hi again. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Hey, ladies, Ol’ Catfish is back!

I’m kind of funny looking. I see it most in photographs. “Wow,” I’ll say. “My head is huge.” On good days, I like to describe my body as “streamlined.” Wrists like chopsticks with veins like The Hulk. My son will … Continue reading

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Email anxiety

It wasn’t necessarily being served in English that sealed the deal but it didn’t hurt. Deb and I had been considering changing our phone and Internet provider for some time, so when a representative from a company we’ll call Cabletron … Continue reading

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The e-thrill is gone

If you’re my age, first of all I’m sorry. Secondly, you probably remember how excited we all got when faxes first came out. Imagine: you could send letters… over the phone! It was as though technology, in some kind of … Continue reading

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