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Yoga: Self-Taught

I begin by finding a quiet place. There is snow on the ground, so that means the neighbours have decided the street is a snowmobile drag strip; there is no quiet place. I reach deep within myself to find a … Continue reading

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The only workout you’ll never need

One of the main reasons people avoid going to the gym is because gyms are stupid. If people need another reason to avoid the gym, it’s because, like many things we try for the first time, gyms can be strange … Continue reading

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I’m getting too old for this Schwinn

I hate that there’s this place in my brain that retains useless pop culture sound bites that just reappear and reappear to the point of near mental illness. How many mornings, for instance, has Danny Glover invaded my mirror as … Continue reading

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Thoughts while doing 50 push-ups in the morning

1-2-3-4-5 And I’m bored already. This is why they have TVs all over gyms because exercising is so tedious. It’s also why Spandex was invented so that men would have something to look at. Not sure what the women look … Continue reading

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The walking dad

My wife has kind of a reputation. Like many reputations, it was earned shortly after we moved to Stanstead, and again, like most reputations, it’s been hard to shake. My wife is The Woman Who Walks. Deb’s the U.S. Postal … Continue reading

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