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The New Girlfriend: A Short Story

No one would admit it to his face, and certainly not to hers, but people in town weren’t happy with Todd Brown’s new girlfriend. Practically everyone had heard that Todd and Stacey Green had broken up. News like that doesn’t … Continue reading

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The Egging: A Halloween thingy

Troy “The Boil” Doyle blamed society. Consequently, he felt justified in being a jerk, and there was no better time to let your jerk flag fly than Halloween. The little reprobate took full opportunity of the holiday to soap, smash, … Continue reading

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Montessori’s Revenge: A Halloween tale

A mild tremor rumbled beneath the Funky Dreadlock Centre for Childhood Exploration. It wasn’t strong enough to disturb the children’s self-discovery on the possibilities of what 3 plus 4 might add up to. But it was strong enough to awaken … Continue reading

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Justify left right left

So after the revolution comes – as we all know it will – they’ll call it “The Great Estimation” because everyone will be rounded up. Herded into vast Purification Centres, citizens will appear before an assessor to determine their usefulness … Continue reading

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The following tale is not for those weak of heart or strong of odour. Do not read if you are easily frightened by not very good prose that is in its phrasing awkward mostly. If nausea persists for more than … Continue reading

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