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Turns out je parle français good!

Récemment, I’ve found myself doing beaucoup d’entrevues for regional and even national media as the porte-parole for the school where I am directeur des communications. A number of these interviews have been en français. Anyone qui me connait knows that … Continue reading

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Vehicular mans-laughter

Story one: We’ve been thinking of buying a pickup. We’re always moving kids back and forth, we’re considering getting kayaks, and, besides, doesn’t everyone secretly want a pickup? So I’ve been looking online, and by “online” I mean “lazily browsing … Continue reading

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That’s what she said… maybe

I live in Quebec but have abysmal French comprehension. One of the benefits of this is my ability to tune people out. Paired with my natural self-absorption, it’s a guaranteed way to live in a perfect isolation bubble. French conversations … Continue reading

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Two siblingtudes

[In Canada, if it weren’t for navel-gazing, there’d be no gazing at all. Here’s a piece on English-French relations from Life in Quebec.] Dammit, Hugh MacLennan, why’d you have to go and write that book that no one ever reads … Continue reading

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Le Québec pour les bananaphones!

Last week, a Montreal Metro ticket taker came under fire for posting a sign in his window that read, “Au Québec c’est en français que ca se passe!” (In Quebec we do things in French.) As the following letter demonstrates, … Continue reading

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