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Three Minutes of Gardening and 30 Seconds of Heavy Drinking: Endless Winter Edition

Hello, and welcome to “Three Minutes of Gardening and 30 Seconds of Heavy Drinking.” I’m your host, Garland Faunt-Lubberly. As I gaze out the window of my humble cottage onto the fields filled with snow and the occasional corpse of … Continue reading

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The return of Garland Faunt-Lubberly

Our (my) favourite gardening/drinking expert answers your pre-spring questions. David from Quebec City writes: “Last year, I had Gene Hackman in my flowerbeds. What can I do to prevent that this year?” Click below for the audio answer and other … Continue reading

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3 More Minutes of Gardening and 30 Seconds of Heavy Drinking

Make Mine Mulch!

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School-lunch grade: seed-plus

It’s Back-To-School time, and you know what that means. Surrendering your child to teachers, who everyone agrees 100-percent-no-question do the most noble job in the world, though, sure, there are bad ones, just like there are incompetent doctors or “too … Continue reading

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A Ross by any other name…

In our vegetable garden the other day I was pulling Queen Anne’s lace. Actually there was only one stalk in the entire garden – barely enough lace to make half a hankie. In French, this plant is known as carotte … Continue reading

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