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Progressives and Pleasure-Ways

During our stay in New Brunswick, Deb and I camped at an oceanfront campground. Unfortunately, the oceanfront was primarily reserved for RVs and trailers while our tent was relegated to what wasn’t so much “front of ocean” as “back of … Continue reading

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Your Middle-Age Guide to Grunting

Grunting: Not Just for Tennis Players Anymore Welcome to middle age, a beautiful time of life when your body is going through many changes, all of them accompanied by sounds you had no idea you were capable of. Whether it’s … Continue reading

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New Pot for Old Farts: A Guide

So, you’ve decided you’re going to start smoking pot again. Congratulations! First, though, stop calling it “pot.” These days, the cool kids call it “weed,” and that’s 30 percent the point of this entire exercise, right? To be cool again, … Continue reading

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Hello, Drake? It’s Adele.

“You used to call me on my cel-l-l-l pho-o-o-ne…” My daughter Abby looked up at me, puzzled, appalled. “How do you know that song?” she asked, which, now that I think about it, might have been code for, “Please stop … Continue reading

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Over-40 CraZee Dance Partay!

[boomf-boomf-boomf-boomf!] Turn that bass up, yo. Turn that bass up, yo. Now turn it down just a little, yo So I can hear myself think. That’s good. Yeah, baby, right there. You know what I like, What with my tinnitus … Continue reading

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