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“Like That!” Very Good Entertainment Show in Dernovkia!

[Theme Song: Accordions, bouzouki and synthesized drums play an upbeat song. Title flashes on the screen in white block letters: “LIKE THAT!”] VLAD: Hello, people! BIANCA:  Everyone, hello! VLAD: Bianca-a-a? BIANCA: Vla-a-a-a-d? TOGETHER: HELLO! VLAD: Ha-ha-ha! We are good greeters. … Continue reading

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Your Own Private County Fair

Because of the pandemic, there are no county fairs this year. Boo! Now how are we going to get our fix of judging, jostling and junk food? Turns out with a little imagination and a touch of domestic upheaval, you … Continue reading

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Turns out je parle français good!

Récemment, I’ve found myself doing beaucoup d’entrevues for regional and even national media as the porte-parole for the school where I am directeur des communications. A number of these interviews have been en français. Anyone qui me connait knows that … Continue reading

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Yakety Yak (Buy a Kayak)

All we wanted, my wife and I, was to while away some summer afternoons on a lake or a river, paddling along, far from our worldly cares and COVID and cats. We just wanted a couple of kayaks. Who knew … Continue reading

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Your Beard Will be Thicker; Your Skin Not So Much: A Letter to 17-Year-Old Me

Dear 17-year-old me, First, thank you for keeping journals those last two years of high school. Decades later, these notebooks will help you recall things you’re going to forget, namely what a whiny, narcissistic yet cripplingly insecure drip you are. … Continue reading

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