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The Freeloadin’ Bob Dylan

I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Need a lift Missed my shift Real quick doze In my clothes Wake me up around suppertime I ain’t goin’ nowhere Whoo-ee! Spot me five Tomorrow’s the day My check’s gonna come Oh-oh, how I will … Continue reading

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Got My Orange (Shoe) Crush

I underwent two significant epiphanies during the pandemic. One: you can roast virtually any vegetable. Here I’d been living a limited life of roasting potatoes and potatoes alone when all this time I could have been roasting asparagus, Brussels sprouts, … Continue reading

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In Search of the Good Night’s Sleep

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According to ancient texts (1970s Beautyrest ads), man has long quested after the fabled good night’s sleep. Woman has sought after it too but at least knew to shut up about it and get on with her day. But does … Continue reading

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Where the Wild Things Are Now

Max After failing to convince loved ones that he had indeed been away through night and day and in and out of weeks and even over a year, Max was never able to shake the feeling he had peaked at … Continue reading

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I, Gen X, Am Telling You Everything Was Twenty Years Ago

The 1980s were twenty years ago. That’s just how it is. Don’t give me “math” or “logic” or “you have early onset whatchamacallit.” We won’t be convinced by your so-called “facts.” We are Gen X; we’ve committed our entire lives … Continue reading

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