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How to fight inertia, sweatpants and go out dancing

1. Are you already in sweatpants? Did you take your bra off? It’s too late. You will not go dancing. Inertia has won. Start again. 1. Have a spouse/partner who also is thinking about going out dancing. “Do you want … Continue reading

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The Wearing of the Ochre, or Happy St. Pablo’s Day!

I recently received the results of my ancestry DNA testing, and in addition to 70 percent of my genetic roots originating in Great Britain, and Scotland, I was very excited to learn that 12 percent of my genetic makeup springs … Continue reading

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All cluttered up and no place to go

When our son came home for his break, he began to chuckle as he looked around the kitchen, as if it were all strange to him. And that was his point: everything was strange. “You ever look at the things … Continue reading

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Prom Duress

While recent history indicates that things are far from ideal, there is no question that women have made significant progress in the last half century. With greater access to careers, politics and high-power positions, women can now be just as … Continue reading

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Is reading overrated?

Chances are if you’re reading this that’s all you’re doing. You might be eating breakfast or possibly doing a chore. Maybe you’re folding laundry and glancing back and forth at these words. If so, you’re not giving it your full … Continue reading

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Death goals

“What do you want to do,” I asked Deb, “when you die?” It’s a funny way to phrase it, I admit. It’s not like she’s going to have a packed itinerary. No sightseeing tours, no dinner with friends. Bowling is … Continue reading

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A father talks to his sons about being better men

Boys, you probably feel bad these days about being male, and you should. We’ve been terrible. Not you, specifically, but the rest of us. My generation definitely. But it wasn’t our fault. It was… the patriarchy. And the funny thing … Continue reading

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