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We Have Some Unsettling Nudes

Every now and then I remember the time I was blackmailed in college and I think, “Huh, that was weird.” When I enrolled at Mount Allison University in New Brunswick, I was assigned to Bennett, a men’s residence that had … Continue reading

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Archie glad I cleaned house?

With no fanfare or warning, an important piece of Murray household history was quietly mothballed Sunday when two beloved Archie Digests were removed from the downstairs bathroom. The artefacts were displaced by Ross Murray, the household’s co-founder and resident curator, … Continue reading

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My poker face has become a bad bet

My wife has a tell. If she’s about to lose her cool, you know it. The kids know it. I definitely know it. “Uh-oh,” we whisper in chilled tones. “Cheekbones…” That clenching of the jaw is the signal to abandon … Continue reading

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Margaret Freaking Atwood Is Stopping By My House!

Holy crap! Margaret Atwood just called to ask if she could stop by. She heard about our Halloween pumpkin that looks like author Gabriel Garcia Marquez and she hoped she could see it. What could I do? I said yes, … Continue reading

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Night of the Living Fred

There are those who say that Fred will appear if you look into a mirror and recite your credit card number three times. But then the mirror indicates you need those three security numbers too, so you have to start … Continue reading

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