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CampQuest 2020

With nowhere else to go, a lot of Quebecers will end up camping chez nous this summer, possibly for the first time. You can expect to see a spike in sales of tents, along with a spike in swearing at … Continue reading

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Down with science

I’ve given it a lot of thought, and by that I mean I’ve read some suspect websites, heard my barber say something that made a lot of sense and ultimately decided to “listen to my gut”; I’m giving up on … Continue reading

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Classic Canadian Television of the 1970s

Fly-In Postman Set in the remote woods of Northern Ontario known as “Windchill Country,” this half-hour drama centred on the adventures Sam MacPherson, former RCAF pilot turned remote Canada Post mail carrier. Each episode saw Sam land his seaplane on … Continue reading

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Portrait of a Man with a Hose

My general attitude towards lawn care is that I have a lawn and I don’t care. If ever we were to succumb to those phone pitches offering to gas and purge the weeds out of our lawn, the truck would … Continue reading

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My Totally 80s Pandemic

At the start of the pandemic, we watched all eight Harry Potter films over consecutive nights. The pandemic, unfortunately, outlasted the marathon. What next? When Deb and the children moved on to “Game of Thrones,” I watched a single episode … Continue reading

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