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Risky business for columnists

Hi there. How’s tricks? Does anyone say that anymore? “How’s tricks?” Sounds Damon Runyon-esque. That’s Damon Runyon, the American writer, not Damon Runyan, the Canadian actor and star of “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” though, honestly, what kind of parent does … Continue reading

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The ¼ buck stops here

A Canadian quarter from 1907 turned up in my wife’s change from the liquor store last weekend. I like to think it ended up there by way of a slow-moving nonagenarian war bride in a cardigan purchasing her bi-monthly supply … Continue reading

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The Interoffice Coffeemaker Arms Race

The office where I work is in a former home set a fair distance from the rest of the school. I’m alone on the second floor, making me the most outlying member of the school staff. I’m the institutional Pluto. … Continue reading

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Emergency measures

This Saturday at Townshippers’ Day, I will officially launch my debut novel, A Hole in the Ground. Set in the fictional town of Beaverly, the plot hinges on a local disaster. And turtles. I can verify there are stampeding beavers. … Continue reading

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Stretch your food dollar until it screams for mercy

The cost of household groceries has mounted in recent months due to fluctuations in the dollar, poor growing conditions, End Times, etc. With the likelihood of high food prices continuing indefinitely (or if not indefinitely, at least until further notice), … Continue reading

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Death and the double bed

As I was cursing the person who installed the wallpaper border in our hallway 22 years ago and wondering whether it would have been easier if I’d removed it 21 years ago, a song popped into my head. It isn’t … Continue reading

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Home alone… with pets

Whatever you do, don’t compliment dads on their parenting skills. I’ve read a couple of moms who have been outraged – outraged, I tell you! – because their menfolk were publicly commended for parenting tasks such as tying their daughters’ … Continue reading

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