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Why You Drive So Loud?

        O, tender youth with ball cap perched And moustache like a wisp of dirt, Upon my street and through my town Why you drive so loud? There’s thrill in speed, I get that, fine, A race … Continue reading

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Tattoos: out of the closet and in your face

My uncle, ex-Navy, had a tattoo. I can’t remember exactly what it was because, as a child, I was too busy being terrified of him. No doubt it was something traditionally maritime, like a mermaid or an anchor or scurvy. … Continue reading

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Teach your children, well, something useful

As much as I loved my high school trigonometry (oh, the trigs we nommed!), there have been very few occasions in my life when I’ve needed to measure a tangent, though I’ve been known to go off on one from … Continue reading

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