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Turns out je parle français good!

Récemment, I’ve found myself doing beaucoup d’entrevues for regional and even national media as the porte-parole for the school where I am directeur des communications. A number of these interviews have been en français. Anyone qui me connait knows that … Continue reading

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Seriously, what the hell is maple milk?

I took a short vacation from Facebook recently. More like throttled back. Facebook, to put it simply, was driving me nuts. And what happened next you won’t believe! Yeah, that was the kind of link bait nonsense that was driving … Continue reading

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Justify left right left

So after the revolution comes – as we all know it will – they’ll call it “The Great Estimation” because everyone will be rounded up. Herded into vast Purification Centres, citizens will appear before an assessor to determine their usefulness … Continue reading

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U and moi

If you look at the tags in the right hand column of this column (down, no down more, past the picture of my book now available for pre-order, keep going, past my Twitter feed, down — man, I have too … Continue reading

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