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Who are the pickles in your neighbourhood

Ever since the snow melted, I had been eyeballing this jar of pickles at the bottom of our street. It was a litre jar of bread-and-butters lying on its side next to a cedar hedge right there by the stop … Continue reading

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Could someone please answer the foot?

I was sitting in my office, working the work, when the sole of my foot started vibrating. It was very subtle, like maybe there was machinery operating under the floor. It wasn’t a steady vibration but starting and stopping, with … Continue reading

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The holdout

An acquaintance reacted to news that I don’t own a cell phone with the combination of ridicule and disbelief normally reserved for people who vote for the Green Party. “You must have a cell phone,” he said. “No, I honestly … Continue reading

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Old man, cook at your life

They say the cookbook industry is booming, despite sluggish sales elsewhere in publishing and the fact that the Internet is positively bubbling over with recipes. Why do people buy a single book when they can find infinite recipes for free … Continue reading

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Wondering where the lions are for sale

Prince once sang, “Maybe you’re just like my mother/she’s never satisfied.” Well, Prince is a jerk, bringing his mother into it like that. Shame on you, Prince! After all the years she spent changing your purple diapers and telling you … Continue reading

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It’s all connected somehow

Amusement parks concentrate many of life’s annoyances: waiting, standing in line, noise, spending money, bros. The rides themselves are specifically designed for discomfort, whether the physical slamming and spinning of your body or the psychological torment of height, speed and … Continue reading

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There’s a magic garden in my head. Something is growing. Worlds are being created. Lives. Turns of events. It’s amazing and astounding, real magic, not like a lady being sawed in half but something appearing, out of thin air! For … Continue reading

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