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1 in 7

It’s rare you can put your finger on the precise moment your life changed. In my case, it involved an actual finger. In late July, I had an appointment with my family doctor before she skittered off to Abitibi. Near … Continue reading

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A strong case against muscles

If you were to do an image search for “the ideal man,” and you didn’t mind having that in your browser history, you would come upon image after image of jacked-up masculine figures of steel, sculpted and gleaming, tightly packed … Continue reading

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The man with his hands on his hips

There was an image that flashed across the TV screen Sunday afternoon. I can’t be certain but it might have been an ad for IBM’s artificial intelligence app, Watson. “Hello. I am Watson,” a voice intones at the end, a … Continue reading

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50 phrases I didn’t hear on my 50th birthday

Preternaturally young looking “50 is the new 49.” “How lucky to have been born in the sixties but have absolutely no memories of them.” Wunderkind “Take the day off.” Uncannily virile “Not everyone is so confident in their firmly established … Continue reading

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There is no “I” in “ego” — strangely enough

At the school where I work, the staff sometimes organizes games against the students. If anyone asks me why I don’t participate, I’ll explain, “I have a medical condition.” If they press me further, I’ll say, “I’m allergic to humiliation.” … Continue reading

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That ’70s Room

Sometimes I have a hard time getting going. No, not that. Please: this is a family blog. I mean writing. Sometimes getting down to the writing is so difficult that I run out of things to do to avoid writing. … Continue reading

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Le stuff, c’est moi

I had been reading a collection of essays by Nick Hornby, one of my favourite writers. He was talking about the sheer accessibility of Internet music, and, by extension, the elimination of the need to purchase a single bit of … Continue reading

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