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How I stopped being a jerk and learned to like my birthday

The Internet doesn’t make people crazy. It simply draws out the crazy that’s already there. So I can’t say social media made birthdays weird for me, because I think I’ve been weird about them for some time. When my birthday … Continue reading

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Westfalia is not an option

I was walking through town on the weekend when I noticed a Volkswagen Westfalia for sale – old, drab, not the least bit sexy, and the van was pretty unspectacular as well. “We should buy it,” said Deb, who usually … Continue reading

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Quebec’s midlife crisis

Champlain and his gang notwithstanding, Quebec is really quite young, or modern Quebec is, at least, especially when you consider that the Quiet Revolution began only in the 1960s. In fact, Quebec has often been compared to a teenager: rebellious, … Continue reading

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Summer beard (makes me feel fine)

“It’s a preemptive beard,” I tell people. “We’re camping for most of August and I don’t know how often I’ll be able to shave, so this way I get the awful, itchy stage over with now instead of on the … Continue reading

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