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Prom Duress

While recent history indicates that things are far from ideal, there is no question that women have made significant progress in the last half century. With greater access to careers, politics and high-power positions, women can now be just as … Continue reading

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A father talks to his sons about being better men

Boys, you probably feel bad these days about being male, and you should. We’ve been terrible. Not you, specifically, but the rest of us. My generation definitely. But it wasn’t our fault. It was… the patriarchy. And the funny thing … Continue reading

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Why we need a little Star Wars

For best results, listen to this while reading: Something wonderful happens a month from today: The Force Awakens opens, which is an awkward phrase, but what is Star Wars without a little awkwardness? I still own an original vinyl copy … Continue reading

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Desiderata 2.014

Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there is in turning up your iPod and avoiding eye contact with that homeless person. As far as possible without surrender answer texts promptly, for they may reply with … Continue reading

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Peanut butter banking

I was sitting in my kitchen trying to reconcile two ideas. The first involved a peanut — the single peanut on the smooth surface of a freshly opened jar of what used to be Squirrel brand peanut butter in Canada … Continue reading

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