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In a blazer of glory

The last sports jacket I bought I had to ask the lady to put it aside for me while I ran home from her yard sale to find the 5 bucks. It’s wool and cashmere with a rich taupe colour, … Continue reading

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The future lies in the dumpsters

Yeah, I was an activist back in the day. Marched in the 1990 Earth Day Parade. That’s right, 1990, the big one. There was a TV special and everything. With Bette Midler! We put our kids in cloth diapers. We … Continue reading

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It’s all connected somehow

Amusement parks concentrate many of life’s annoyances: waiting, standing in line, noise, spending money, bros. The rides themselves are specifically designed for discomfort, whether the physical slamming and spinning of your body or the psychological torment of height, speed and … Continue reading

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Montreal, you’re killing us!

Montreal was the city that first made me fall in love with Quebec. It was a city of beautiful people drinking Molson quarts, a city of hipsters who knew how to appreciate a good knish, a city that felt at … Continue reading

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Le Québec pour les bananaphones!

Last week, a Montreal Metro ticket taker came under fire for posting a sign in his window that read, “Au Québec c’est en français que ca se passe!” (In Quebec we do things in French.) As the following letter demonstrates, … Continue reading

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