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Deus ex Donald

“I’ve had many conversations with God, many wonderful conversations. ‘Droopy Jehovah,’ they call him, because he’s not what he used to be. Been at it a long time, the creating and the being worshipped. Created a lot of good things. … Continue reading

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I Think I’m Going to Cat Man June

Monday morning, a most wonderful gift was bestowed upon the good people of Stanstead, and even some of the bad people. As they rose from their slumber and turned the page of their municipal-issued calendar to the new month of … Continue reading

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Please support this thing that is more important than those other things

For far too long, our society has turned a blind eye to this thing. It’s outrageous. Disgusting. Poopy. When I think about what this thing is doing and sometimes what it is not doing and the people this thing is … Continue reading

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A strong case against muscles

If you were to do an image search for “the ideal man,” and you didn’t mind having that in your browser history, you would come upon image after image of jacked-up masculine figures of steel, sculpted and gleaming, tightly packed … Continue reading

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Reasons why my moustache is the most Canadian thing

Canada and my moustache are young. Canada is only 150 years old. My moustache is only five days old. Canada and my moustache were born out of necessity. Canada was created as a means of establishing an east-west alliance between … Continue reading

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