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The Year of the Cat: An Oral History

In January, columnist, writer and candle-wax aficionado Ross Murray announced to the world and his therapist that every one of his 2020 columns would reference a cat or cat-adjacent subject. The world scoffed. His therapist relocated offices. And yet, 52 … Continue reading

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A meeting with my internal editor

Ross’s Internal Editor: Hello, Ross. Happy New Year. Thanks for taking the time to see me. Ross Murray: Well, the mirror was right there, so no problem. RIE: Is this a good time? You seem to be struggling with that … Continue reading

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2014: A year in search of a simile

The new year lies ahead of you like a book, and you think to yourself, “365 pages! Of small print? I’m never going to get through all that. I’m only seven pages in and so far it’s mostly description. When’s … Continue reading

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Vapid New Year!

By now, plays on the film title The Year of Living Dangerously have easily surpassed the number of people who actually saw the film. This is likely because years tend to come around with regularity, the act of living is … Continue reading

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