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The cat who cancelled Thanksgiving

Regular readers know that I harbour a certain prejudice against cats, and like most prejudices, it’s defined by my own narrow experience. But this summer, our middle daughter Katie moved back home along with her own two cats, Lincoln and … Continue reading

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Who are the pickles in your neighbourhood

Ever since the snow melted, I had been eyeballing this jar of pickles at the bottom of our street. It was a litre jar of bread-and-butters lying on its side next to a cedar hedge right there by the stop … Continue reading

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The furious incident of the stupid dog in the night time

The stupid dog goes to the door around 5:30 a.m., maybe earlier. Dogs can’t tell time. Every night when I come up to bed, Deb reminds me, “Did you let The Beast out?” If I haven’t, I do, even though … Continue reading

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20 reasons dogs are better than people

1. Dogs are loyal. 2. Dogs are always willing to just hang out. 3. Dogs are always excited to see you, even if you’ve been gone for only five minutes. 4. Dogs never ask you why you ran off like … Continue reading

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Home alone… with pets

Whatever you do, don’t compliment dads on their parenting skills. I’ve read a couple of moms who have been outraged – outraged, I tell you! – because their menfolk were publicly commended for parenting tasks such as tying their daughters’ … Continue reading

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