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Beyond the bedroom door

Even if we were the type who frequently had people over, which we aren’t, not many of those people would make it up to our bedroom. As a society, we tend to stop using the phrase “Want to see my … Continue reading

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The Price of Privacy: Buy Two Privacies, Get One Free!

We talk a lot about Internet privacy and all the personal data that’s floating around out there. It seems these days that, like happiness, privacy is something money can’t by. But what if it could? This piece originally aired on … Continue reading

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I feel inSPYred! Let’s drink!

There was a time when I felt it would probably be a good idea if we let our local liquor store clerk know we were going on vacation; you know: so he wouldn’t worry. This is what happens when you … Continue reading

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Vacation envy

My wife and I were discussing whether envy could be positive. She was of the mind that envy could be a motivator, that seeing what others have can spur ambition. I felt that the resentment inherent in envy undermined any … Continue reading

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You know what would make a good password? “Security breach.” Because that way if you get hacked, you would at least have that delightful irony to cheer you up in your time of panic. I’m all about best practices when … Continue reading

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