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Listen to your heart and other body parts

When I was initially recovering from prostate surgery, the common advice I got from people was, “Listen to your body.” This was not, of course, in a literal sense, although that could be fun too. (“Hey, kids, come here and … Continue reading

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Always carry a notebook so you can keep track of your brilliant thoughts

• Next season on “Survivor”: everyone is covered with staticky packing Styrofoam and the first person who gets it all off their clothes without losing their mind wins. • Just once, I’d like to see instructions that say your food item … Continue reading

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Feel a little L0VE sick?

The World Health Organization is bracing for the outbreak of a new virus that could lead to the next global pandemic. Known as “lunaticius-0 vascular excitamitus,” or L0VE for short, the virus has so far proven both unpredictable and difficult … Continue reading

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