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All-purpose awards-season acceptance speech

  Thank you, thank you so much. Oh my… I need to catch my breath. Let me… let me… let me just slip this oxygen mask on for a second and… ooo, goodness!… And maybe a quick vitamin B12 injection … Continue reading

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A fear-free Halloween tale

Boo! No? Too early? Too scary, then. It’s okay, I understand. These are scary times, so I have to ask myself, “Self, do we really need to be more scared at Halloween? Aren’t my pants already sufficiently soiled by day-to-day … Continue reading

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Spoilers and stars

Abby had a mandatory book to read over the summer before starting Grade 8. There was also a list of optional second books. We ignored them all and decided Abby should read Of Mice and Men because a) it’s a … Continue reading

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Christmas 2013: What the flock?

By Christmas Eve standards, it’s late. As I post this, most of you will have shut your computers down to go spend time with families or head off to church or to the drug store for last-minute gifts or prescriptions, … Continue reading

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How can you say no to this?

Do you ever get sick of your voice? I know I do. Not your voice, I mean. Your voice is like the sound of an angel peeling a banana, one of those bananas that snaps right open at the stem … Continue reading

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