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Your summer reading Guido

The Collapsible Marriage By Gwen Gladenia In her sequel to her bestselling The Disposable Date and The Travel-Size Engagement, Gladenia asks the hard questions about wedded life: is love forever; is mustard a vegetable; is Wednesday garbage day? Through the … Continue reading

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The strangest thing happened to me the other day. Well, maybe not the strangest thing. The strangest thing would be if a pie plate floated into the room and started singing show tunes in the voice of Abe Lincoln. A … Continue reading

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Cruel and Unusual Publishing

Originally posted on Bill Pearse:
I’ve been keeping a list of words I need to look up from David Foster Wallace’s 1996 Infinite Jest. Yesterday’s included erumpent, sedulously and egregulous — and sure enough, I got duped. Egregulous was made-up, and…

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Books read, or the medicine cabinet of the mind

I love reading other people’s book lists. As the title of this post suggests, they offer insight into the reader’s psyche, their likes, their interests, their gross infections. Here, then, are the books I read in 2014, with occasional commentary. … Continue reading

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Read and repeat

Regular readers who would like to see what I sound like when I pretend to be smart should head over to Reading Interrupted today. At the kind invitation of Letizia, I’m writing over there about re-reading books. Originally this post … Continue reading

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