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Incident Report: Flock 3482, Solstice, 0 A.D.

Location: Bethlehem sub-region 12A – field with tree by brook, the one with the half-ditch, not the full ditch Time: Upon the Midnight Weather: Clear Incident Summary: Shepherds report they passed a quiet evening of general abiding in the field … Continue reading

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Do you hear what I hear?

In 2016, I ended my 8-year run of contributing to CBC Radio’s regional network here in Quebec. It was a blast while it lasted. Among my favourite audio excursions were those in which I created short sketches. Here are two … Continue reading

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We three kings go shopping

The problem with stereotypes is that sometimes they’re true. Men and shopping is a good example. When I go shopping, I cease to see individual items. Instead, everything blurs into a wall of stuff, the white noise of consumerism. And … Continue reading

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Christmas 2013: What the flock?

By Christmas Eve standards, it’s late. As I post this, most of you will have shut your computers down to go spend time with families or head off to church or to the drug store for last-minute gifts or prescriptions, … Continue reading

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