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Absolute Worst Christmas Tea & Bazaar

Come one, come all, come those paying in hoarded pennies to the Annual Christmas Tea & Bazaar this Saturday at the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Ennui. We’ve recently lowered the ceiling of our fluorescent-lit basement hall to allow … Continue reading

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In a blazer of glory

The last sports jacket I bought I had to ask the lady to put it aside for me while I ran home from her yard sale to find the 5 bucks. It’s wool and cashmere with a rich taupe colour, … Continue reading

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Bad Black Friday Ideas

Shooters for Shoppers: 40% off on selected items; 40% alcohol in gulp-size portions “We’ve eliminated janitorial services and passed the savings on to YOU!” Extra 10% off for all men sexier than Blake Shelton (limited to the first 10,000 customers) … Continue reading

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Touching strangers at Christmas

Does the world stink? I mean, literally, does everyone smell bad? Are we especially pungent at Christmas? Is it the eggnog? I ask because people sure do like their soaps. They really get excited about their soaps. You could even … Continue reading

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Shopping the laughless blues away

Sometimes you have to know when to give up. I’m a humorist. I used to write serious newspaper editorials, and it still blows my mind how I could churn out clear logic and rhetoric on deadline week after week. And … Continue reading

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