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In Search of the Good Night’s Sleep

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According to ancient texts (1970s Beautyrest ads), man has long quested after the fabled good night’s sleep. Woman has sought after it too but at least knew to shut up about it and get on with her day. But does … Continue reading

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Sleepless in sleeping bags

I have a long history of lying in bed and plotting revenge. I remember university nights spent listening to housemates thump, bump and generally do fun things without me. All I really wanted to do was sleep. Instead, I seethed. … Continue reading

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Steal this nap

What happened to naps? One minute you’re snoozing at daycare, and the next they’re pumping you full of coffee in grade school. Or least that’s how things worked where I went, at Sacred Palpitating Heart Elementary. Science has demonstrated that … Continue reading

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To sleep, perchance to GET OFF MY HEAD!

I keep a pen and paper at my bedside for when I come up with some brilliant idea as I float between sleep and wakefulness or in case I want to write down a dream. For example, one night not … Continue reading

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Sorry, Mick, but let’s not spend the night together

“Jagged toenails.” Those words alone should be enough to strike fear into the hearts and ankles of anyone considering sharing a bed with someone else. Yet throughout western culture, this is the norm: married couples and reasonable facsimiles sleeping together … Continue reading

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