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The History of Canadian Trumpsgiving

  While most people are familiar with the story of the first American Trumpsgiving—the pilgrims, the feast at the golf course owned by the pilgrims, inviting the natives to join the feast, assessing the natives a service charge for the … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgendering

Everyone, please? Everyone? If you could all stop arguing for a minute. Really, it doesn’t matter how you’d vote in the midterm elections. We’re Canadian, remember? Uncle Gary, if you wouldn’t mind putting your shirt back on. Yes, it’s an … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Thanksgiving turkey

Everyone? Everyone? Can I have your attention please? Uncle Charlie, stop palpating the pumpkins for just a minute. Kenny, if you could refrain from gnawing the charred carpet… Thank you. Can you all see me through the smoke? I’d like … Continue reading

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It’s Thanksgiving this coming Monday (the Canadian Thanksgiving, the sensibly timed Thanksgiving, the not-just-an-excuse-to-go-shopping Thanksgiving), so what better time to give a big “geez thanks” to Jilliankermani for passing on a Reader Appreciation Award. Ain’t it pretty? True, this is … Continue reading

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