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Please support this thing that is more important than those other things

For far too long, our society has turned a blind eye to this thing. It’s outrageous. Disgusting. Poopy. When I think about what this thing is doing and sometimes what it is not doing and the people this thing is … Continue reading

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Am I stupid?

I need to ask myself this question every morning. Sometimes I forget to ask it, and inevitably those are the days when I’m stupid. I forget to ask myself whether I’m stupid because I’m stupid. It’s a chicken-and-egg thing, only … Continue reading

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Worst post evaaarrrrr!!!

I know I’m not famous because people don’t hate me. Well, I’m sure some people hate me. I’m pretty certain there’s a kid down the street who hates me and my whole family. He egged our house once, and I’m … Continue reading

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