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Deus ex Donald

“I’ve had many conversations with God, many wonderful conversations. ‘Droopy Jehovah,’ they call him, because he’s not what he used to be. Been at it a long time, the creating and the being worshipped. Created a lot of good things. … Continue reading

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Metaphors for America: a road trip

When prompted, we tell the U.S. Customs agents we’re heading to New Jersey. “On purpose?” he asks. We’ll be staying in New Jersey but day-tripping into Manhattan, later going to the Jersey Shore for a few days, but the agent … Continue reading

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January Newsletter of Russian Cyber-Hackers Local 301

Mildly Oppressive New Year, Comrades. Holiday season is over in decadent West. Many bourgeois families woke on morning of Magical Jesus Holiday to find new electronic devices under freshly killed living room tree. It is musical ringtone to Mother Russia’s … Continue reading

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Sign on the line

Anna Scott: “Signed by the author, I see.” William Thacker: “Yeah, couldn’t stop him. If you can find an unsigned one, it’s worth an absolute fortune.” – Notting Hill, 1999 It’s an odd thing, the signing of books. It’s not … Continue reading

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